Journal 11/14/11

We raided Jorion's doctor's office while we were down-planet. It was a raid because of course the bastard was FIO - I should have guessed - and when I initially walked in to talk with him, security tried to grab me.

We got the doctor himself in transit, and he told us what he could remember - which wasn't much. We hit his office though, and pulled the files on Cia's family.

Analysis has come back, using the genetic workups from those files, the bone marrow samples, and the info they found about the genes that are responsible (though they still can't tell me exactly how).

Luc has the gene too. The one that means he will get sick. It means his bone marrow isn't going to do Cia any good either.

And Camille... she has it too. When she's Cia's age, whatever it is - however it works - it will switch on. Unless we find a way to fix this.

Jorion had - has - the gene too, and he didn't get sick. There must be something else to it. The gene is just the vulnerability.

Anyway, Nerila is setting up JCs with bone marrow grown from the other two donors - from Lorraine and whoever it is KJ got his sample from. With luck one will take.

I'm going to go make sure the eggheads are staying properly motivated.

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