Journal 11/4/11

I finally finished with the debriefs and making sure everything we got on Debreth went to the proper teams with the proper priority.

After all that, I went to see Cia. I saw Camille first, and she was still Cami. She had a sort of rmote control giant lizard she was playing with in the hangar.

I didn't mean to be gone so long, down on the planet, and while I was gone- She isn't doing very well. Apparently Vikarion decided to respond to Cia's request for her original body back by strolling up in it. Shithead. From what I hear, Cia was pretty shook up. I can imagine how she might react anyway, cloning not being something she is really comfortable with. Ancestors abandon that bastard, he's either stupid or just a jackass.

Cia, she still wasn't well. Wasn't fighting. She was still set on giving up. Staying in the River. I told her about Nualla, that I brought her a parieur, but she didn't seem convinced it would help. She needs to fight though, so I got her to fight.

It made me feel like shit. What I told her was mostly the truth, and the rest... Well, it might be true. I made it sound true, I guess. She believed me. That if she didn't get better, her younger siblings wouldn't have a chance, if they got sick. That she had to live, had to maybe give up her soul, face nothingness - annihilation, for them. And she said she was tired. I told her it would just be a little longer.

It has to be just a little longer.

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