Journal 11/28/11

Ran into Hiri at the Bazaar.

Things are going ok, with her. She's still seeing Camille, and sometimes Cia. She wants me to come in more, and I guess I should.

The technique she gave me, it has helped with the bad dreams.

She said Camille really enjoyed learning in the simulator with Silver. I think Silver enjoyed it too. Kids aren't really his thing, but Hiri said that wasn't really always the important thing. People who aren't really good with kids can still teach them a great deal, and people who are good with them can ultimately be pretty useless, sometimes.

Maybe I'll see if I can get Silver to take Cami for a real HAS ride.

We had tea and talked more at Lenfa's. I wasn't that hungry, though.

I told Hiri about the time I lied to Cia, when I needed her to clone jump. She is good at listening, I guess it's the job. I didn't expect it to still bother me so much. Maybe it's because I had to bend the truth recently. Hiri wanted to tell me that Cia would understand this time, too, if she found out.

That doesn't make me feel much better about it.

Hiri has an ex who doesn't understand it's over. He's followed her up from the planet she's from. I've sent what info on him I got to Sarakai.

He's going to make himself a problem. I'll let Hiri try to resolve it her way - with the authorities - first. She's a friend though, and I'm certainly not going to allow anything that might get back to Cia and upset her unnecessarily.

In a way it was good though. I feel a little less frustrated with something concrete to work on.

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