Journal 11/9/11

While I was down on Debreth, I went to the University there, trying to find family records and whatnot from Ciarente's family. I met a young man there who was very helpful. It turns out he knew Ciarente, before. When she was at school there. I can imagine her, studying in the library, doing coursework, probably worrying about her grades. I wonder if it would have been better if that had stayed her biggest worry.

Maybe it would have been, if it weren't for this disease.

There were some records there, in their archives, and some first hand accounts. A doctor, one of Cia's ancestors, whose daughters died, some others. There was a plant, too, the name was similar to another word - Tyndedhanah and tydenethanah. Anah is like soul, or spirit, I think. The Breill back then said there was no room in the colonists' children's hearts for Tydenethanah - whatever that means. There was a lot of talk about the Breill though, and that there might be some connection. So, I even took samples of the plant.

That's how desperate this is. Anything that might help. A plant sounds like a word mentioned by some doctor from 150 years ago? Grab some. Records? Bodies? Family doctor? FIO files? A parieur who says she was alive back then as someone else? All of them, take them.

I just hope one of them has what they need to help Cia.

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