Journal 11/21/11

I decided I wasn't being much help leaning on the medical people, so I took a break. Went to the gym - Fit to Fly - to work out some frustration, I guess. Ran into Helmi and KJ there. Helmi says Cia is doing ok, in a new Jump Clone again, though. I let KJ know the sample he got is going to be tried out too. That it might give Cia the time she needs, while they figure out a cure.

KJ wanted to make a bet, that I couldn't crack his ribs. I haven't met many ribs I couldn't crack, but then, maybe he has some kind of real high end custom job, I don't know. Anyway, I told him I didn't want to damage a corporate director and went back to beating the shit out of a practice dummy.

Helmi didn't have my reservations, and they sparred. I wasn't paying a lot of attention at the time, but looking at it later, Helmi's style is very offense based. Strikes, mostly. KJ seemed to go more for throws. Disabling. Holds.

It was interesting, in any case. The gym was a good distraction, helped to get away for a few.

I'm going to go see how the lab coats are getting along.

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