Journal 1/1/12

Saw Hiri in the Bazaar. She always seems to have apples. Reminds me of home. She already knew about Jemadar, kinda. He missed a filing date, so some case he had pending against her was dismissed. I hope it's a weight off her shoulders. She needs to be 100%, for Cia's sake.

She said the crew's not doing great - Cia's crew, I mean. With Mitch dead, Fisk off to be a pilot, and Nerila doing a runner, that's most of the original senior staff that's gone. Mitch particularly must have been tough. Apparently his spirit's even been seen around the ship. Morale's gotta be low. I'm going to have a talk with Luisa, XO to XO, maybe I can help.

We chatted about being in burn wards too - cheery shit. I told her about the time I broke my arm in Fit to Fly too. Fucking shrinks, you know? Nosy. End up saying things you didn't mean to say, and then they know, and ask you some other time, and put things together, and you end up saying more.

No big deal, I guess, as long as it's nothing really important.

If Mitch's spirit is out there, I hope he looks in on Cia. Whatever help can be had, these days.

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