Journal 8/28/11

Prep is just about complete for the Awakening Ideal, that's the new Thanatos. Have her fully crewed, all systems check out, just waiting on Silver being around to give her a try.

When most of that was finally done, I hit the Bazaar to do some window shopping and relax. Saw Hiri again, apparently she got the job with Cia, I'm real happy for her, and she seems like she might be good. I hope she is, I'm just not sure how to tell, with a shrink. She has some odd ideas, about soldiering and such, but then, I guess what I think about shrinks might seem odd to them.

Hiri and I grabbed a bite to eat, to celebrate her getting the job. We had a chance to talk a bit, about the things she might do, to help Cia. Help her crew, all that. Agnes showed up too, and she had finished the necklace I commissioned. Says I should show more skin to show it off. We'll see about that.

There was another lady that was there. Name of Malaneth Serir. Amarr, a priest she said. Didn't seem pushy about it though, friendly, but looking back she did seem the sneaky sort. Had a knife too. Cia told me that she had run into this Malaneth before. The woman is a fucking Blooder. She was sitting right there, across from me at a table, and I didn't realize. She's a chaplain for some podder named Narath. Cia said she knows who he is too, and she was going to send to warn him. Let him know what Malaneth is. Lying bitch, can't believe she tricked me. Can't believe they can pass for real people.

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