Journal 4/11/12

Had a birthday dinner, over at Cia's. Just me and Cia and Cami, with Silver busy. Well, that's who I thought would be there, but Cia had a surprise for me.

First thing first, though. Cami got my a beautiful box, which apparently Pierre made. Inside are seeds, without names. Mystery seeds. I'm looking forward to trying to figure out what they are as they grow. They all have instructions for taking care of them, of course.

Cia's surprise was a bit different: Charlie Etay was there. Guess he got that vacation time. I wasn't really very subtle when I was dropping hints about how good looking he was and all that - Cia thought I was interested in him. He is far to pretty, and maybe a bit delicate for my tastes.

The dinner was lovely, if a bit confused all around, with me trying to get Cia alone with him, and her trying the same thing, and both of us talking each other up to him. I'm glad that Cami takes my advice about talking to police seriously, too, but she is having trouble making an exception for Charlie.

Anyway, it still went ok, I think. I explained to Cia, afterward, too. She didn't seem unhappy with the idea of maybe a date with Charlie.

The food was great, of course.

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