Journal 4/3/12

Silver and I went down to Debreth, to go - I think it's called 'sugaring'? Anyway, it's how they make syrup. They get the sap out of trees and boil it. Who knew that's where syrup came from?

Silver involved in a snowball fight was pretty great, to start with. Even if I ended up with snow down my collar - so did he. And Cami and Cia, too. It was good to see Cia happy. Running, healthy, nothing hanging over her.

Back to the syrup though: Some of it, they boil longer, and then pour on the snow and it makes a sort of toffee! It's delicious. A bit sticky, I'll probably have to dip my hands in solvent when we get back to the ship to get the very last bits of it out of all the little nooks and crannies, but it was worth it. More than worth it.

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