Journal 4/25/12

Ran the op to get Hiri back. It went well - very well. Clearly the place out, freed plenty of others while we were at it, and we got Hiri. Mostly CJ, and Ashar, and Esna, and some others I don't know.

We got Hiri out, but it doesn't feel like we won. They dosed her with Vitoxin. She was like a different person. High as the fucking stars on Vitoc. They're supposed to have ways to make it not so bad, in the Republic. I'm sure they'll be able to help her. I think once I see her, back the way she was, back to being Hiri, even if it isn't easy for her. I'll feel like we won then. At least, won one battle.

Feels like we should have been faster.

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