Journal 4/3/12b

That policeman, Charlie Etay, he's on-planet. Or he was, might have left already. Happened to pull a case here where the locals wanted an SCID consult. I saw him outside Cia's place.

He looked cold, and he was off-duty, so I invited him in, for a bit of tea. He seems like a nice young man. Bit too pretty, but mellow. Stable, I think. Honest - maybe excessively so.

All-in-all alright, for a cop.

Cia 'loaned' him one of Jorion's coats - what with the weather.

I might have been a bit heavy handed in dropping hints that she might see what she can do to see that he gets a bit more vacation time, if she has strings she can pull in the Fed - with him using his up on the investigation in the Republic. Give him a chance to return the coat.

He's a little too pretty for me.

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