Journal 4/18/12

I was on my way to help with the Hiri thing. Cia was taking me. Us, really. Demen, Saer, a few others. We happened across a transport, working for a company linked with illegal slaving.

We went in to get prisoners, and we did. We lost a good man. He chose it, he knew the risks, and hell, it happens. Still, it hurts, to lose someone to those rank fucking amateurs. It's been a while since I ran an operation in person like that and lost someone. I'd almost forgotten. Too much time keeping ships running, I guess.

I started asking the prisoners questions on the ship, but Cia could see into the cargo-hold of course. She knew, maybe, in an abstract way, what that would involve. She doesn't need to see herself. It's not the kind of thing she should be exposed to. The kind of thing I want to expose her to.

After we docked we got what we needed. Well, a start. Narrowed it down to a constellation.

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