Journal 4/26/12

I took Hiri back to Cia's hangar.

After we saw her off with the new CMO, Iorthan, Cia and I went into the hab unit for drinks and cake. Cia seemed worried about Hiri, of course. I am too. No matter how much you tell yourself that the Republic, or the alliance, or Eva, or whoever has things they can do to help fix it, it's...

Seeing Hiri like that is ugly. She just does what you say and it makes you feel dirty.

We didn't talk too much about that, though. Cia went to that concert with Charlie Etay. Said being around him was restful. Sounds promising, really.

It'd been too long since I'd seen Cami, too. She's got her hands on a Caldari Frigate sim, Because of Falcon she says. She heard - Cia told her about Sara. Sara being gone, I mean. Which got us onto the topic of her worrying about me, and Sella, and Demen. I don't blame her, with Mitch and Sara both gone.

All I could tell her was that Cia and Silver are safe pilots. Course, safe for pilots doesn't really mean the same as safe for everyone else.

Once Cami was gone, Cia wanted to know how I was. I told her. I'm fine, or better. Hiri gave me the tools, after all, before all this. The ways to think about things. I think it's working fine.

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