Journal 9/12/12

Saer stopped by. She'd been to the Illuin Museum with Hiri. Learning about her culture. Minmatar culture, I mean.

I guess it went well, until Hiri had a problem. A Vitoxin problem.

Saer was, well, Saer. You know how she is. She was talking about the museum visit, then just went right into that.

I guess Hiri's watch wasn't working or something, so she didn't realize it was time for her dose. Saer helped her get back here, and made sure noone gave her Vitoc on the way. She, Saer I mean, seemed to have formed a sort of negative opinion about Dr Iorthan after he wanted to give Hiri the vitoc to 'calm her down'. Him being Mary, I'm surprised that kind of comment doesn't get him kneecapped in some quiet corner of the hangar.

Can't say I disagree with her, and it kinda backs up what I was feeling after seeing how he was acting with Cia. Still, Cia seems happier with Dr Nari, and that's just fine with me. I know he's good.

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