Journal 9/19/12

Hiri stopped by.

We talked about the list, and feelings, and all of that. Also, I need to remember to have medical in Ebodold check on the clone - make sure that when I jump back I won't have problems from the biochemical stuff.

We talked about how sometimes it's hard to remember to see the feelings you actually have, instead of the ones you feel like you should have.

I think Hiri might still be having a harder time than she is letting on about. Maybe the trip with Saer down to visit her clan's lands will help. I feel a little bad, sticking her with Saer. Having a reason to take some time will be good for Hiri, though. And Saer did have a very difficult childhood and all that stuff, so what Hiri thinks she knows isn't far off. Not too far, anyway.

Anyway, Saer needs to learn about her people. If it might help Hiri in the process, that's a bonus.

I asked Hiri about Dr Iorthan, too. After what Saer told me about how he tried to give Hiri the vitoc to 'calm her down' when she came back from the museum and needed her treatment, and what I saw of his meeting with Cia the other day I'm starting to wonder if someone needs to have a serious conversation with him.

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