Journal 9/8/12

Silver says that the people responsible for what happened probably won't make it to trial. Embarrassing to the corporation.

That means there's enough, though. Enough there that the people who make those sorts of decisions, at the corporation, think they are guilty. Trial or not.

I think Hiri was right. It's better - justice instead of revenge.

I thought it was just... Well, Hiri seems to be against direct measures of nearly any sort. Even that business with that ex of hers. Like she's some kind of pacifist or something. Except, I don't think it's that, exactly. Maybe more that she believes that the institutions that are supposed to run things will get it right.

I don't have that kind of faith, not for a long time now.

But when they do work, like it looks like they are going to work this time, it is better. At least, it seems better. It's like....

It isn't just me. They know too. They know what those officers did, and their judgement is the same as what mine would have been. The corporation. And the corporation is bigger, outside it. They aren't doing it for me. They're doing it because it's what should be done.

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