SYSTEMS FILE: Memo: M.O. Muenel Amailly

TO: Captain Night
FROM: M.O. Amailly
CC: C.M.O. Nari

As per your request for a professional opinion of Dr Crivan Iorthan's treatment of Captain Ciarente Roth, I have reviewed the relevant records and interviewed personnel as necessary.

While Captain Roth's health is not and has not been endangered, Dr Iorthan's preference for a single, highly invasive treatment option has not increased Captain Roth's comfort in recent weeks. A broad-based, aggressive but non-invasive management plan would almost certainly have yielded better outcomes.

Captain Roth is currently my patient and I would not welcome a transfer of her care back to Dr Iorthan.

A more technical medical report has been sent under separate cover to C.M.O. Nari.

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