Journal 3/22/11

Nothing on the supplies that disappeared yet, and I'll be damned if more of them haven't up and vanished. Still nothing major though, at the least, but we need to figure out how it's being done. Got a Fedo infestation in the aft hangar decks too. Sent a maintenance team to hunt the little buggers down, but they say it'll take days and the smell is spreading. I've got Akrad and Anjell with their heads together to see if there isn't a faster way to flush them out. Spirits know the Blooders in the rest of the station are welcome to them.

Scuttlebutt is that we might be getting out of here sooner rather than later. I'd sure like to believe it. I never see Delve again it'll be too soon.

Went to a party at the Three Sisters too. Didn't know, but they have a whole second level, with a hot tub. Spent most of the time at the bar though - Ethan Verone, of all people, was back there mixing drinks for a good bit of it. Good at it too, haven't gotten drunk like that since my accident. Let's see, in order though:

Got there, met that reporter? Hilde Russell, from 'Behind New Eden.' She's nice enough when she isn't interviewing you, and we hit the bar together. Told her Silver liked her interview with him.

The place was actually pretty crowded with podders. Was more than a little surprised when Aria Jenneth showed up at the bar, but she's really pretty nice in person. There was a guy with her, Remus someone, though I think they had just met. Anyway, we talked, Kostantin Mort showed up and I guess Aria got a little upset. She left for a bit and then came back and drank Verone's concoctions till she passed right out. Kost apparently didn't even know I was in Naqam either, which I don't mind. Man gives me the heeby jeebies. Saw Jonny Damodred while I was there too, and Matariki Rain, who I'd met before in the Gate. They make a nice couple, though Jonny does have a bit of a reputation. All gossip probably.

After most all of them left, Jack Madison, who is pretty new to the pod, strolled in. I like Jack, think he has a lotta potential up here. Seems real well grounded. Older than most new pilots, I guess that helps. Colorful, very colorful. Hope I'll see him around, he'd make a good Gurista. Maybe Verone will take him in.

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