Journal 3/19/11

Got the dispute between engineering and supply settled - finally. Turns out that it was mostly a misunderstanding anyway, if the jackasses would stop yelling at each other long enough to settle it. Unfortunately, seems that Adazai who heads up engineering and Tukaya who is second down in supply have some sort of history. What is it that makes people who are supposed to be professionals act like children? Kasa Adazai is old enough to be my spirits-damned father. Well, it is resolved now, and hopefully that will be that.

Training with the new power armor version is progressing well I think, at least from how torn up the corner of the hangar we set aside for it got. Might have to look into getting a couple of MTACs from the same subsidiary. No major failures so far and the minor issues were mostly user error, which is pretty impressive right out of the box with minimal calibration. Have several more requests from crew for NHBUHCs, think this place is getting on everyone's nerves. Need to talk to Silver about it.

Got word from TB regarding his current assignment, going to relay some of the news later on tonight I hope, in person. The team we sent should be hooking up with him shortly as well. Man deserves a bonus from where I stand.

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