Journal 3/21/11

About half-way through yearly eval's for the command staff. What a pain, but I guess I could have to do the rest of the crew too. They're lucky that the evaluations come before they submit their budgets too, lemme tell you. I'll be damned if last year Maintenance didn't manage to sneak a spirits-forsaken swimming pool through under 'EVA Training Equipment.' Good thing I found out what they were doing and convinced them of something more reasonable. Now the pool is adjacent to the gym at least. It is nice, being able to take a swim. Anjell is a tricky bastard though, least I shouldn't have anything like that to try and catch from other departments.

Was in the Summit today and mentioned Tenebrae was a Blooder while trying to convince a new - damn annoying - podder named Lecole something? to go to her. Ciarente was there and I guess didn't know? Poor girl didn't take it real well and left, went with Vikarion to see if she was alright. Got to see Camille who seemed to be adjusting quick - guess kids really bounce back - and Cia seemed mostly alright. She did have some kind of episode. Sometimes I really wonder what goes on in that head, she doesn't often seem to be as alright as she acts. I'm sure that scalpel-wielding blooder nutjob has something to do with it too, but you can't exactly come out and ask, "Hey, Celes, how did you mindfuck my friend?" At least now Cia knows, maybe it will help. She knows, about Blood Raiders, about what they do to people. Been killing them too, cleaning space of the sick trash, so she knows what the right thing to do is.

Heard from Sidreke in security, he's assigned a Lt Nabata Aurilen to the investigation. No other progress to report, other than some suspicious log from one of the small arms lockers, but that system throws up an exception if you sneeze half the ship away. Probably some joker bulding a still, again.

Need to remember to ask Cia about how our restaurant is doing. Might help, getting her mind on happier things.

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