Journal 3/23/11

Hit the Fit to Fly today and had a spar with Math. Turns out he's pretty damn good, ended up with a tie. Cia was there too, practicing her kicks, looks like she's coming along. Determined girl. She rushed out during the match though, guess she must have gotten a call.

This supply business got a bit more serious. Turns out the missing supplies are the root of our fedo problem. Someone had been taking a bit at a time and stockpiling it in a series out-of-the-way maintenance corridors - crawlspaces really. Don't know where the first couple fedos came from, but they got into the stuff and Blam! we're drowning in thousands of the bastards. They set off alarms, block airflow, and worst of all stink up the place. They're playing merry hell with the security and life support sensors. Tracked the small arms false-alarm to one of them already, turns out it would be the first of many. On the up, Akrad and Alley - Anjell that is - think they've figured something out. Apparently they are going to try to herd them all into one general area, then lead them out? Not clear on the details, the important thing is, they think it will work. So, we get rid of the stink and leave a lovely gift for our blooder hosts.

Meantime Lt Aurilen still has no real leads on how the spirits-cursed food got there in the first place. When I find out who it was, I swear they are going to spend some quality time in an airlock, and I'm not sure which side I'll open to let them out. On top of that, Saraki is telling me that with wrapping up training, getting everyone organized for the move, and checking on the more suspicious alarms that the spongy monstrosities are causing, security is slipping.

Order to start getting things squared away for jump came through at the least. Ancestors be thanked.

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