Journal 3/20/11

Great news, we successfully extracted Cia's sister, probably back at the apartment with Cia by now. TB and company pulled it off perfectly, I think we may not have been using them to potential before this. Camille and especially Cia looked so happy. I can imagine what it must have been like. I love this job sometimes. Safe and Sound is backtracking to find the rest of the family, but I really don't have much hope for it. Jorion seems jumpy, and letting Camille wander around so much says he might have cut his losses already. The bastard. Hope we find him so I can share what I think of his parenting skills.

Get back to the Ideal and find out someone has been pilfering from engineering. Nothing too expensive, but I've had guards posted. Guess that is what you get when half the crew have been on the wrong side of the law at one time or another. Asked Major Sidreke to assign someone to investigate and forward the details to my office.

Dropped by the ship-board hangar and had a look over operations. Wasn't up to the usual standards, fairly sure the Utopian Spring couldn't even launch without a refit at this point. Looks like we might be getting sloppy. Have even had a couple of desertions, more than we have had since Silver announced our new corporation. Maybe it's just this place.

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