Journal 3/24/11b

Met up with Cia at the Gate a little earlier, got a chance to ask her about how Alain's is doing. turns out that it is getting near the time of year when the floods destroy the restaurant. Apparently it is the place to be, as Cia put it, the night before. Big party. As part owner, I shall be required to attend of course. Sounds like a blast, and the city is beautiful. Can hardly believe Cia was lucky enough to grow up there. Dancing and food and all sorts of things - a party for the whole city it sounds like. I can hardly wait to go back. I'll have to see if I can catch a flower too.

Anyway, talked about that a bit, then Math showed up - in holo form - as apparently he is on the wrong side of a wormhole. Said the Sleepers were quite something and his people have deployed a base out there. Quite an accomplishment in so short a time, though I dunno that I would wanna bet my life on the Sleeper drones not showing up unless I was a pilot. They must have pretty committed personnel.

Oh, and Cia said that Camille is starting school tomorrow - today by now I guess - and that she was taking a tour of Vikarion's Nightmare. I've been on one of those, pretty damn creepy, hope it doesn't give her actual nightmares. Course, she seems like a resilient kid. Going to give them both a tour of the Ideal and show Cia the garden whenever we are back in Empire too. Guess it won't be a patch on the hospitality she showed me on Debreth, but I've got to try. She's asking some odd questions too, about podders who go crazy. Guess after some of the things she's seen people doing up here she must be curious.

I'd told her about the crew that has deserted - or gone missing - too and I wish there was more to share. We're stretched thin, and I don't have the resources to look for people who don't want to come back, but what if they didn't want to leave? What if it is the spirits-damned blooders? I mean, they, all of them, their personal possessions were gone too, but... I just don't know. All I do know is I don't trust this station or the people who live here.

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