Journal 3/24/11a

In just a little while we'll be rid of this smell and these damn fedos. It's all over the ship now, the smell, though we've managed to mostly herd them into or around the far aft cargo hold. Whipped up a synthetic fedo pheromone, lured them back there. Unfortunately, before that, they found their way into one of the consumables processing centers, which is going to take weeks to decontaminate and get back up to full production apparently. Just need to force them out of the ship and seal compartments as we work back until we kick the last few out the 'lock. Spirits help anyone who ever lets another trash-gobbling sponge on my ship.

Aurilen finally found something too. Had someone tagged maintenance coming and going from an access-hatch, carrying a package, that does lead to the right area of the ship and with no work logged in the area. Only caught once, and from a sensor that wasn't supposed to be active while we were in dock either. None of the other sensors caught anything. It was millimeter wave, picked up a couple anomalies as well. Metallic items being carried by our subject. Checking to see if they match any of our tools, checking to see if we can resolve the face at all, backtrack to other sensors - cameras - anything. This is getting damn strange and damn serious. Have assigned Lt Aurilen a full team, whether or not security is already a bit stretched, this is damn suspicious. Running a full diagnostic and pulling the skeleton crews from the Spring and Sunshine to help. If we have someone aboard up to mischief, we need to know before we take another jump. Sending teams to check the route to and past the hatch, and kicking overall command of the situation up to Sarakai as head of security.

While I'm waiting for the diagnostics and the teams reports, gonna hit the Gate. Should probably stay, but ... this place. Don't think they need me hanging over their shoulders right now anyway.

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