Journal 6/20/11

Spirits what a cluster fuck. This whole damn thing is my fault.

Cia and Camille are gone, kidnapped, and six of Cia's marines are dead. And it was that son of a bitch Jorion that did it. Fisk managed to get that out, before he died. Half his head all over the...

Jorion did it, and he managed to turn one of Cia's people to do it somehow, and now he has disappeared. Forensics says the woman that helped him - Alpassi - was shot in the head after she shot all her squad-mates. What a fucking mess. We had the station practically torn apart, but they must have been off already by the time we go there. I should have dealt with that bastard when I had him. Obviously the warning wasn't enough. We're trying to track down all the departures, but Ancestors help me, I don't know if it will be enough.

It doesn't matter, we'll get something.

I'm going to review the feed I stored when I was talking to Fisk again, see if there's something, anything. I don't know how that tough bastard was even still alive.

We'll save them, Cia and Cami both. We have to.

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