Journal 8/23/11

So, Cia and I played a bit of a dirty trick. Some tabloid had made up a rumor that Silver was going out with Ulf of all people. So, Cia and I bought 2 huge bouquets of roses and cards. Then we sent them to Silver and Ulf, each with the other man's name and something about looking forward to a 'close working relationship' on the card. Of course, I can make it look like something is sent from Silver, and tricking Silver into thinking something is sent from whoever I'd like is simple enough.

Silver's face when he got those roses and read the card! I made sure I was there, and I think I will treasure that recording forever. First the look of confusion, then shock. He actually set the card down, looked at the flowers, then walked to the other side of the room and back. I think he was hoping the bouquet would disappear while his back is turned. Two dozen pink and red roses guaranteed, the flower shop clerk assured Cia and me, to retain their fresh look for at least a week. Then his mouth sort of moved but nothing came out. It has clearly been too long since I did something like this to him.

It gets even better! I convinced Silver that the thing to do was contact Ulf and ask to meet, so that he could discuss it. Of course, Silver didn't know that Ulf had gotten a similar token, and would think he was being asked out. I 'helped' Silver word the note so that Ulf wouldn't just turn it down, and lemme tell you, keeping a straight face was tough.

Cia and I hid in a booth at the Shackled Amarr for the 'date', and hearing Silver say, "Not that I'm not flattered, but I'm afraid I'm not interested."

And then Ulf's expression, which I peeked out to see, when he replied, "I... that was what I was going to say."


Cia and I spent the entire time trying not to give ourselves away by laughing too loud.

I talked with Silver, afterward, and apparently Ulf thought it was a setup by the tabloids. I'm a bit worried about what Silver might pull if he finds out it was me, though all the paperwork for this new Thant that is supposed to be coming in might be revenge enough, unwitting or not.

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