Journal 10/04/11

Cia's birthday party - well, she insists it was for Dry Day, which is a sort of festival from Debreth for the driest part of the year - was great. Well, mostly, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Cia was there, in this red dress. I don't know if she was entirely comfortable with it, but she looked good. I gave her a book with stories and stuff from across Matari culture, I hope she liked it. I think she did, though with how polite she is, it can be a little hard to tell sometimes.

Anyway, party went well, the decorations were impressive. Mitch (and Cami) rigged up the walls with flames, and made a 'river' of flame across the middle with 9 bridges - because they have nine bridges in Debreth, of course. Quite a few pilots from the alliance I'd never met before were there, and it's a shame Silver didn't make it, since he is likely to be flying with some of them.

Camille wanted to try walking on the forcefields that were over the river of fire, naturally. Someone managed to stop her, but Cia ran over, and then it was Cia that was having trouble. Whatever is causing this anemia she has, it isn't getting better. I had a talk with Nerila and then Nerila talked with Cia - with me maybe fouling up her arguments a little, but I can't just sit in the background for this shit. Anyway, Cia is going to take measures to maximize the time we have to find a cure for her.

I'm putting everyone I can get my hands on onto it, of course. Looking for the rest of her family, and going through records on Debreth, and all that. I'm going to have to get ahold of Rask again, because we might even need to test Jorion.

That was the less fun part of it. Still, we have time. Some time.

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