Journal 10/19/11

Killjoy Tseng wanted to meet with me. I went and saw him in his office, which is way out in the middle of nowhere in the station's guts.

He was in demolitions in the service, I guess, and now he's the second to the Executor. Just goes to show you what those little implants can mean for helping people realize their potential, I guess.

We chatted a bit, but I think the real reason he wanted to talk to me was Cia. After getting a message from CJ, I'm starting to wonder if there is anyone who hasn't realized she's sick. He asked about Jorion, what we'd done with him. I think he accepted my answers - there are some things that are best left buried, and we got the tissue samples already. For the rest - what happened and what's happening - I told him that's mostly Cia's to share, or not.

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