Journal 10/22/11

I stopped by Cia's hangar, before I headed down to Debreth. I wanted to talk to Cami and Cia, as Hiri had suggested, and well. I wanted to see Cia, too, before I left. See how she was doing.

I saw Cami first, and told her it was ok to talk to Hiri about things. The things that happened in the tunnel. I made sure she understood that Sara and Cia and I wouldn't get in trouble over it. She seemed happy to agree. I wish things with Cia were so easy.

Cia said what I wanted her to say when I asked her of course: Yes, she is fighting against this... this thing that is k- that is making her sick. I pressed her though, and the truth is she's not. She thinks that she can get back in the river. By dying, probably. That fighting it would be the wrong thing to do.

I can't make her fight it at gunpoint, can I? I told her I would bring one of the priests, the parieurs, up from Debreth. This mess with Cia thinking she is some kind of damned soul is their fault, I'll make one of them fix it. They've never left the planet and I doubt any of them even really know how cloning works, but the feel alright fucking up Cia's life - her entire view of herself. We'll see.

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