Journal 10/16/11

Went to see Hiri. Talked about hounds and boosters - cheerful shit all around. Anyway, she showed me some drawing Camille had done, that had worried her teachers. Stuff about what happened in the tunnels. She didn't seem worried about it though, and she gave me one of the pictures - one that is supposed to be me and Cia. I put it on the wall. Hiri told me about something called 'guided thought'. She said it might help with the nightmares. I hope she's right.

She wanted me to talk to Cia and Cami too. Cami isn't talking to her much, about what happened, and Cia...

She thinks Cia might be giving up. Or, not giving up, but not really trying either. Back in the River and so things will turn out the way they're supposed to. That's not the way it works.

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