Journal 10/14/11

No solid results yet from the teams looking into Cia's problem. Silver and I went to have dinner with her, and she seemed... ok. For the moment anyway. That's the way Nerila said it would be. the food was good, as usual, and Silver and Camille even seemed to get along. Camille was well behaved, suspiciously well behaved. I wonder what Cia said to her.

Silver and I even got an impromptu lesson about the history of Debreth and the Breil - the original inhabitants - from Cami witha bit of help from Cia. Silver seemed concerned about cia afterward, and asked me about her eating so little. I've never really thought she ate enough, but with him pointing it out, I realized she is eating a lot less now, which I told him. Not that I really blame her, but she should keep her strength up.

Silver's talking about teaching Cami how to fly - in a simulator, but still, I'm not sure he realizes what he's in for.

I need to get down to Debreth soon, but maybe I'll see Hiri before I go.

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