Journal 10/10/11

Went to a little EM get-together at the Rens Bazaar. The usual suspects were there: Cia, Ulf, Cami, and now Helmi, of course. KJ Desher was there too, which is a little less usual, but now that he is the second-in-command of the alliance, it wouldn't hurt to know a bit more about him. He is teaching Camille about explosives too, which even in a 'safe,' controlled environment with a lot of rules seem... iffy. He sent me a mail, afterward, about meeting. I'm not sure what about though.

Kenpachi and a pilot named Duch Crystal were there too, briefly.

There was someone else there too, she walked by while we were having kofte and kaffe. Amarrian, I think. She had bodyguards and a whole fucking pack of slaver hounds. One of them kept going for us, tugging at the leash, and she just shot it. It was a tense moment, but then it was a bit tense when that thing was lunging at us too. It upset Cami, but after guns were re-holstered all-around, I was pretty relieved. I didn't realize how much it had bothered me until all the hounds and the woman were gone.

I wasn't really comfortable, with those hounds there. I guess I should talk to Hiri again soon.

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