Journal 5/1/12

Went to visit Hiri today, see how she was doing. They haven't had enough time to adjust her medication or whatever it is they do, yet, I guess. She's still drugged up. Ashar brought her a present - a sort of mechanical incense burner. I'm sure Hiri will genuinely appreciate it when she is able.

When I was on my way out, I stopped to talk to Alpassi. Hiri must have come out after I left, there were a bunch of deck hands bothering her. Asking her to go with them, to their party, and of course all drugged up she would agree. Sick fucks. The guy doing most of the asking said something about it being 'just like the ones at resettlement.'

We broke it up - and Cia's new XO seems an alright sort, I'm sure he'll handle it - but it just pisses you off.

It'll be taken care of, though. They aren't my people, so they aren't mine to discipline.

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