Journal 4/15/11b

Arrived at the station. Camille is fine, but Cia... Well, she looked bad, real bad. From what I could piece together I guess she was thrown against a wall, by someone in power armor. The doctors thought it was a fall from a couple of floors up, at first. The way the injuries looked, I don't know. They say it is still up in the air. Head injuries are tricky. The usual cop outs, just in case, covering their damn asses. When I saw her lying there in that bed, unconscious, maybe forever...

I've had plenty of people I know get injured. Killed. Part of being a marine right? Cia, though, she's no marine. She wouldn't hurt a fly that bit her. Things like this, they shouldn't happen to people like her. That's what people like me are for, isn't it? Well, I'll find whoever did this and make damn sure they don't do it again.

Pulled Camille out of the hospital, got a suite at a hotel nearby where we can stay while Cia is recuperating. I've never been religious, the way Silver or Kasa are, and I don't know how much my ancestors and I are still on speaking terms, but my prayers will be with her tonight.

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