Employee Records: Alestus Anjell

Name: Anjell, Alestus
Rank: Major
Position: Maintenance Chief, Utopian Ideal
Assigned Section: Maintenance, Office located in compartment number 0554K
EID: OMF986468
DOB: 7.18.69
Corporation of Birth: -
Place of Birth: -
Ethnic Background: Matari (Sebiestor Tribe)(Semi-traditional/Heavy Thukker influence, Manufacturing station)
Age: 41
Height: 173cm
Mass: 74kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Bloodtype: A+
Augmentations: -
  • 84: Apprentice engineer, Thukker Ship Hastephon, Wreathe class
  • 90: Assistant Engineer, Angel Cartel Ship Trouble, Thrasher class
  • 93: Chief Engineer, Angel Cartel Ship Weaponized Love, Daredevil class
  • 96: Maintenance, 2nd Officer, Guardian Angel Ship Spinside Sun, Vigilant Class
  • 98: Assistant Maintenance Officer, Mordu's Legion Ship Renewal, Scorpion Class
  • 99: Maintenance Officer, Guristas Ship Nth Chance, Raven Class
  • 101: Chief Maintenance Officer, Independent Ship Gunnar's Luck, Arbitrator Class
  • 103: Chief of Maintenance, Angel Cartel Ship Short Feather, Machariel Class
  • 104: Engineering Tech, Independent Ship White Twilight, Armageddon Class
  • 106: Hired by Commander Invelen
Additional Notes:
Major Anjell has repeatedly ignored protocols and procedures. However he is consistently scored very high in reviews due to outstanding actual performance. Additionally he possesses an unusual versatility moving between ships and systems which makes him invaluable. Security concerns stemming from a long association with the Cartel have so far proven baseless.

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