Journal 4/21/11

We back-tracked where the attack came from as far as we could and I decided to go myself and see what I could find out. We found out that the attack was probably facilitated by a couple of employees of a small manufacturing firm here on the station. Chasing it past that is going in a direction I'm not liking, but I'll have to wait and see what Tanith finds out. So far it looks like the people who actually own the firm are pretty clueless and the people who are involved have fled the station. Not that it will help them. It is good to see Cia on the mend, though I think she is nervous about taking that final step into a jump clone so her body can heal up.

Now I've got a pile of paperwork to go through from the Ideal, since I've been away so long. Sounds like Sarakai is managing alright as temporary XO, even if it does mean Silver has to do some actual work for once.

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