Journal 4/18/11

Well, Cia's awake, and the doctors seem to think she'll pull through alright, thank the spirits. The investigation is progressing, if slowly. Got a couple leads we're following up. Camille is quite a handful, between wanting a laser and all the questions she asks. Just making sure she does her homework and keeping her out of trouble is a full time job, I don't know how Cia manages. I guess the nannies help.

I'd mentioned to Tanith in passing that Camille has shown an interest in Mordu's Legion, and he and his bunch got her a jacket with their old unit patch on it, seems like she really likes it. I guess they have been pretty impressed with her all around, between getting to that shuttle port on her own and how she's handled the attack and everything else. Hell, I'm pretty impressed myself. Talked to Cia's doctor too, he seems like he knows his shit. Things would be looking up all round if I had any idea who was responsible.

On the corporate front, Exalted. took down a Wyvern class mothership and then followed it up with a carrier today. We weren't there for the Wyvern, but Silver was part of the group that attacked the carrier. Even after all this time that kinda stuff gets him a little bent out of shape.

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