Journal 4/24/11

Went to the Athena today. hadn't been in a while and I thought I would see if they still had that bottle of Hak'len that Silver gave them. They did, as it happens. I forget, sometimes, how it tastes. It isn't good, really. Still I miss it, and I do like to drink it, now and then. seems like I want it more lately than I have in a while. Reminds me of home, maybe. Decent company there. New people, bunch of Gallente types. Still, I don't mind, and they were welcoming enough. I'll have to go back sometime. Maybe take Cia along, if it's safe. Might be nice for her, being around other pilots from the Federation. Think I'll hold my birthday party the 25th. I'll just have to figure exactly where.

Investigation is going alright, think we have it narrowed down to one system. Coming up on make or break time. Either it dead ends here and we are pretty well fucked, or we manage to crack this thing and do what we can to make sure it doesn't happen again. Ever. Going to head back to the Ideal soon, should be easy to work from there, considering how close the system we're looking at is. I'm sure Sarakai will be relieved.

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