Journal 4/20/11

Well, Ciarente is out of the hospital and back on her ship. I'm sure Nerila is taking good care of her too, license problem or no. Really need to do something about that, maybe see if there are any contacts I can still work in the Syndicate, it is stupid that a piece of paper would be such a big deal. Anyway, Cia is out, and well on her way to being better. Camille is back with her too.

That little girl was a handful and a half, but still, I'm going to miss her a little bit. She reminded me of myself at that age a bit, only a touch more agressive maybe. Sharp as a tack though, and energetic. Her martial arts instructor is even talking about getting her in a tournament maybe in a few months. Seems like she is enjoying school too, in a way.

The investigation is still pretty slow. I'm thinking about taking a more direct hand. I'm not good at sitting on the sidelines waiting. Still, should get an update from Tanith soon.

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