Journal 4/26/11a

Well, had the party, and a hell of a party it was. Turns out I shouldn't have been quite so worried about people showing up, even though the time wasn't pinned down real exactly before hand. Did have people showing up through the entire event, but that was no big deal.

Cia and Camille showed up first. I finally got to show Cia how the seeds I got on Debreth are doing. Took her and Cami on a tour of the garden, and Camille got me a Rimpon tree, which is lovely. Camille had tied all these little green and gray ribbons around it too. Matariki introduced me to Rimpon at the Gate. Good, though a bit tart. Cia's present was this beautiful sort of stole. It's blue-green with silver, and I can't wait to wear it with one of the dresses I got. I guess the same dress maker - Odille - helped pick it out even.

Anyway, after I showed them around, we headed up, party started, guests started arriving. The setup - the platform - really turned out great. First time I felt like a spirits-damned podder. First time it really hit me, the kinda shit these people do all the time. I mean, I knew before, but I didn't really understand the kinds of things that are possible, deep down. Goes to show what a great job the crew did on the place I guess.

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