Journal 4/25/11

Hit the Gate for the first time in a while. Saw a podder playing Verone's piano - Hitome Kei - she was really pretty good. Verone's good too, but variety's the spice of life right? Plus, he's a pretty busy guy most times. Anyway, it was nice to be back in the Gate. I know I'm not, you know. I'm not a Gurista anymore. I look at a lot of the people there though, the normals and the Veto podders and all and it's nice to remember. Oh! And I invited Hitome to my birthday party, maybe she'll perform if I can convince someone to drag the piano up.

Speaking of, I know where it's going to be now, and I hope I can get a few people other than crew to attend on such short notice. The crew, really, were the ones who decided. Anjell - Major Alestus Anjell (and you can see why we just call him by his last name) -really came up with the idea. The setup they're planning is pretty nuts. They've hung up a platform, this huge platform, made out of hull patchs or something? Anyway, hung it up way, way above the main hangar deck on the Ideal. They surprised me with it, even though they aren't done setting it up yet. They're talking about Where they're gonna put the bar and I think I even heard someone mention moving the Peace - that's the Nightmare - closer. Anjell has such a sense of the dramatic. Should be a great party. Just worry I shouldn't have waited so long announcing the exact time.

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