Journal 5/10/11

Gertan Rolasque is the Angel doctor that we have under surveillance following his 'escape' from the brig aboard the Ideal. Dr Rolasque did a few interesting things. He got himself smuggled to one of the Republic Fleet stations Ennur, for one. We caught him in Delve, but he reported to someone in this very system nearly first thing. Then he hit the tables, with a vengeance. Apparently the good doctor has a bit of a gambling problem. The strange bit is why they bothered to break him out at all. They must know that the slaving ring is busted, and we would have gotten what little information he knew about it already. Of course, the manner in which he escaped - with help very much like in the Ishugur incident - means we may have been asking the wrong questions. When we next talk to him, that will change.

In any case, he doesn't take a shit we don't get a status update about for the time being. We're also keeping an eye on the place he reported to, and checking into the owners - most likely it is an Angel front, but whoever the players here are we aren't familiar with them yet. Sarakai is running the entire op personally though, so if it gets ugly, it'll be ugly for them.

What I still can't understand is why Ishugur was getting together all that damn food! I just doesn't make sense. If they were planning on hiding a strike team aboard, they could have brought their own after all. None of the stuff was worth any real money either. Well, if Fortune is with us Rolasque will lead us to someone who can answer our questions.

In non-dire security news, Maj. Tukaya from Supply & Logistics got drunk and tried to pick a fight with Col. Adazai. Lucky for him he didn't actually start throwing punches, he just started yelling about whatever it was. Major Sidreke - he's Sarakai's second in command and in charge or internal security - had him thrown in the brig for the evening, and I'm docking him a month's pay. If he wasn't so good at his job, I'd kick him off the damn ship. We hired them both from the same place in the Kingdom, and they have been a low grade pain in the ass ever since. Something one's grandfather said to the other or some bullshit like that. Spirits damned Amarr and their grudges.

Oh, I ran into Aria Jenneth at the Last Gate. Probably some sort of sign of the new era of Veto-PRETA cooperation. We chatted a bit about her latest ship, and she ordered a sorta neat drink - it looked a bit thick for my tastes though. She isn't going to be able to make it to the memorial apparently - too bad. Anyway, she seems nice enough for an Angel, but I'm still not sure what Silver see in her honestly.

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