Journal 5/17/11

I did something pretty dumb. I was feeling a little frustrated, I guess. Here I have a friend - a sister - Ciarente. Celes Tenebrae is fucking with her head and there isn't shit I can do to her. She's in my damn alliance and she is still untouchable. All I can do is watch Cia turn into this Ancestor-forsaken blooder pet, and hope that Dr Harefnem can do something. Relying on a damn shrink. This is what it has come to.

In any case, feeling a little frustrated, I went to the gym - Fit to Fly. Cia was there, which didn't help. It isn't that I'm mad at her, exactly. It just sometimes I want to shake her until her teeth rattle for just walking into so much damn trouble. So, I started taking it out a little on a practice dummy. I guess I took it a little far, because I managed to snap a filament in my right arm, which - while violently retracting in both directions from the break - ripped the shit out of the inside of the right upper section of my arm, and the inside of my shoulder. No organic damage, but for some reason it still hurt like a fucking bitch.

Cia was very helpful, of course. She found me some sort of pain killers, and called Anjell for me. He came and disconnected the arm to take it back and work on it. Hopefully I'll have it back in a day or two. In the mean time, Cia helped me back to the Ideal. I wasn't in the best shape, I guess. I hate that, feeling that way, like some kind of cripple. Anyway, it dredged up a pile of shit I don't think is worth revisiting. Cia was almost like the old Cia again, in her concern, and it made me feel a bit bad about what I'm planning on doing. It is for her own good though.

Anyway, earlier today I managed to relay Morwen's message to Aurora when I saw her at the gate. She seemed, well, ambivalent. Hope the whole thing works out so everyone's at least not terribly upset, but it seems like a messy situation. Aurora went with Aldrith, apparently to work it out. Good luck to them. Cia was still acting weird, which just reinforces my decision.

Ship-side we have gotten two people into the gambling establishment that Rolasque seems to favor. One as a card dealer and one as a cocktail waiter. We're moving up surveillance on the place he reported to as well - the front is as an Amarr themed eatery, which being on a Republic station and not being firebombed yet should be clue enough something is fishy. Operations are hapmpered by the fact that of course the local authorities wouldn't look kindly on our activity. We've also narrowed down who the inside man is to two technicians, who are both now under serious scrutiny.

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