Journal 4/26/11b

CJ Walker, Math'ra Heide, Esna Pitoojee and Eliza Mariska were the first ones to arrive. Podders, I mean. Sarakai, and Kasa and the other ship's officers were already there. I invited Master Gunny Jadat as well, in view of his recent performance. Morwen Lagann and her friend Aurora Morgan arrived a bit later, and by then things seemed to really be picking up. I recall Hitome Kei arriving with her date, Kale Roche - who I hadn't met. Petra arrived just a little later. Things began to blur together a little, running back and forth greeting new guests and playing hostess. Something I think Ciarente is far, far better at than I will ever be. It gives me a new appreciation.

I ended up with quite a bit of alcohol and some tea - I think it was Morwen who gave me the tea - from those initial guests. Everyone seems to have been having a good time. Hitome gave me a lovely key chain as well.

Jadat made the mistake of telling Camille abou the grav generator though aparently, because she took the opportunity to jump off the the platform. Three times. I will have to give the poor fellow who had to retrieve her some extra leave or something. Still, I have to admit, it looked like she was having so much fun, I tried it myself, later. It was a blast! I'm going to try and sneak a generator into the budget for renovating the gym.

Hitome and Morwen played - piano and violin respectively - and it was a highlight of the evening. Most of the podders who attended really seemed to appriciate the venue that Anjell and his crew set up too, and even the Peace - the Nightmare - floating behind the bar.

All in all it was a successful evening, and it seemed everyone was happy to meet some new people.

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