Journal 5/20/11

Had an operation go well south on us - Exalted. - a couple days ago while I was dealing with more personal issues. A middling sized Rote Kapelle and Exalted. fleet engaged 6 carriers and support at a hostile POS. We came out of the thing with 5 loses to only 3 on their side, none of them carriers. On the up side, some of our loses were Blooders.

Sarakai has been keeping me up to date with what is happening on the Ideal. Nothing new to report, though she did ask for authorization to bring in some associate of the people Rolasque works for for interrogation. Hopefully that will bear some sort of fruit.

Slipped away from the Fortune to the Gate for a drink today too. Place is downright filthy with Angels these days. I think there might have been more Ghost Festival than Veto. there. Not that the Angels are bad folks, most of them. Just a bit of a strange turn I guess.

Saw Petra, Morwen, and Quig Jou (who I haven't seen anywhere for ages) there. Petra and Morwen asked about Cia, but of course there wasn't a lot I could tell them, aside from that I was doing what I could. Anyway, think I will head to the officer's mess and see if I can get a snack.

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