Incident Report (Draft 2)

Intel indicated the target was a lightly defended (3-4 security; professional, unmodified, unpowered armor + staff)space based lab facility involved in pharma and narcotic research and small-scale synthesis. Blood Raider affiliated. Operation profile was for a single platoon, light loadout.

Platoon commander was Captain Jirai Korama.

At 0300, 23.9.100 the lab's maintenance airlock was breached and the team infiltrated the facility. The initial section - comprising 3 primary compartment, and the associated corridors and secondary compartments - was cleared without enemy contact.

On entering the active area of the facility, a modified blast door sealed the route of ingress for the platoon. Captain Korama instructed the platoon to take up defensive positions.

Remote scouting of the next several compartments revealed a failure of heavy, prepared defensive positions. Opposition numbers estimated at company strength with heavy powered armor and crew-serviced anti-personnel weapons.

The Captain allowed herself to be trapped by the ambush. Had she ordered the troops to Had she If I'd let them fight If they'd fought, at least they would have died then.

The Captain elected to hold position and attempt to contact control for reinforcements. Contact could not be established. During the delay, the opposing forces vented the section's atmosphere.

Their heavier equipment allowed them to operate in an unpressurized environment nearly indefinitely. Our The lighter suits of Captain Korama's platoon lacked oxygen reserves/air reprocessing capabilities for sustained operation in that environment.

The Captain-

Save draft, end recording.

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