Journal 2/1/12

I went down to the Bazaar, just to unwind a bit, ran into Hiri. We did a bit of shopping together. I got a Mariat - another fruit-bearer like the Rimpon, but with little tart orange fruit, Hiri said. She found a plant called a Dulai. Dulai is of religious significance to her - to her clan, to the Stone Dancers. She said it didn't feel right, seeing it sold in some shop. I think I understand - like seeing Hak'len sold at a convenience store, maybe.

Then Hiri went to a cobbler, about new shoes. She has to get custom ones, after what happened. She couldn't afford having everything fixed, not properly. So her legs, and feet - the limp... There's still pain, scarring, bleeding, from the old burns. Her 'reminders' she calls them. Makes me regret that Jemadar is out of my reach, now.

Anyway, it's like I told her: I've got all these extra doctors still hanging around, and equipment on the Ideal we aren't using. Might as well use it for something, since we're paying for all of it anyway. I've told Nari to set up the appointment with her, so he can take a look.

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