Journal 2/9/12b

I was never much for homework anyway.

Some other stuff came up when I talked with Cia. She's getting to see Gottii more than she thought she would, which she seemed excited about. She moved the rest of her family, too. Somewhere near the Crystal Boulevard, which from what she told me of her mother will be just about perfect for her.

We chatted a bit about politics too, Goons and CVA and so on. And she mentioned Hiri - said it was nice, what we're doing for her. Well, Nari really, is doing, and the extra medical folks we have. Asked about what happened. I guess she didn't know. Well, obviously she didn't. Cia would have made sure it was taken care of before this if she'd known. When Cia asked Hiri, I guess Hiri told her she didn't want to it seem like she was in the job for free medical care.

Nari seemed positively offended by the level of care that Hiri initially received for the burns. Something about 'an insult to the medical profession.' He can be a little dramatic, sometimes.

Anyway, so, Cia didn't know how Hiri got hurt, and she asked me. So I told her. Jemadar and pinning Hiri to the table, and the fire.

She started asking about Jemadar, so I told her he was gone.

She asked, 'Gone or gone?'

I asked her if she really wanted to know. She did. I told her.

I was surprised. She didn't seem to disapprove.

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