Journal 2/7/12

Saw Cia at Fit to Fly, down at the pool. We talked about a buncha stuff, then we raced the length of the pool and then we hit the Gate. I beat Cia, in the race; a bit of a surprise, since she's a hell of a swimmer. Maybe she's not back in top shape yet.

We talked about Morar, a little.

A couple of other less tense, but maybe still not pleasant topics. Some more pleasant ones too, though.

She seemed really happy with Gottii. Like, really happy. I'm happy for her. Maybe a little jealous - it's been a while since I've found time for much of a romantic life. Time to make the time, soon, perhaps.

I need to have a sit-down with Gottii, though Cia's probably right: the 'Cami' test is probably even more stringent than the 'Ami' test.

Of course, Gottii got Cami a Rifter simulator, so I've no doubt he and Cami are getting along fine. Sounds like he's been getting quite a bit of Cia's cooking lately, too. Lucky bastard.

At the Gate there was steak, and those red sea-creatures with all the legs and the shell - delicious. And little roasted potatoes. Hell of a deal - that kinda stuff for free. They know how to do the steak just right, and make the potatoes all fluffy on the inside.

I think I was under-qualified for some of the discussion. I mean, I don't really have parents, so I can only offer what feels right to me. I trust that Cia will figure out what the right things to do are; hopefully the 'right things' she finds aren't at her expense, though.

Anyway, back to figuring out what to do with some of this excess medical staff.

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