Incident Report (Draft)

Intel indicated the target was a lightly defended (3-4 security; professional, unmodified, unpowered armor + staff)space based lab facility involved in pharma and narcotic research and small-scale synthesis. Blood Raider affiliated. Operation profile was for a single platoon, light loadout.

Platoon commander was Captain Amieta Invelen Captain Jirai Korama.

At 0300, 23.9.100 the lab's maintenance airlock was breached and the team infiltrated the facility. The initial section - comprising 3 primary compartment, and the associated corridors and secondary compartments - was cleared without enemy contact.

Captain Invelen failed to notice On entering the active area of the facility, a modified blast door sealed the route of ingress for the platoon. Captain Korama led them into The Captain's hesitation I let them

Save draft, end recording.

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